Anthilia, Amundi and Riello Investimenti subscribe to the bond issue

The issue by the PSC Group for a total value of € 25 million saw UniCredit as Placement Agent.

The issue of non-convertible bonds in the form of private placement will allow PSC to finance investments in support of the order portfolio and of business development by means of strategic acquisitions of target companies.


  • Anthilia Capital Partners  for an amount equal to 10 million euro
  • Amundi  for an amount equal to 10 million euro
  • Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr  for an amount equal to 5 million euro.

The bond issue  expires on 31th March 2025  with a 5.50% yield, an average life of approximately 5 years and a 70% amortizing concentrated repayment in the last 18 months of depreciation.

“In addition to optimizing the financial structure, the transaction fits perfectly into the company’s growth plan,”  states  Umberto Pesce, president of the PSC Group, “ aimed at development, both internally, through the enhancement of the offer, and externally, through the acquisition of new companies”.