Articles of Association

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Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are the Company's founding document, the deed that regulates its internal life and functioning, in compliance with the mandatory rules laid down in the Italian Civil Code. The Articles of Association of PSC define:

• the name, head office and duration of the Company;
• the purpose of the Company;
• the structure of the share capital, the rights of shareholders, the transfer of shares, the circumstances for withdrawal;
• issuing bonds and obtaining loans;
• the tasks and the functioning of the Shareholders' Meeting and the right to participate;
• the administration and control model adopted and the procedures for the appointment of the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Independent Auditors, the
  rules of operation of the Board of Directors, the composition and division of powers among the corporate bodies, as well as the relationship between them;
• the duration of the financial year and the rules governing the distribution of profits; • the rules governing the eventual dissolution and liquidation of the /> 

The rules of the Italian Civil Code and any special laws shall apply, unless otherwise provided in the Articles of Association.

The Articles of Association may be amended by a resolution of the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting. However, if the amendments are needed to bring them into line with regulatory provisions or refer to specific areas of the law that are then reiterated in the Articles of Association, then the Board of Directors can approve the necessary steps on its own.