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By resolution of the Board of Directors on 5 August 2014, Gruppo PSC S.p.A. approved the issue of a bond called "Gruppo PSC S.p.A. 6% 2014-2019" for a total nominal value of Euro 5 million, consisting of 50 bonds with a nominal value of Euro 100,000 each.

The bonds, which are unrated, are listed on the Professional Segment (ExtraMOT PRO) of the ExtraMOT Market run by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and are reserved exclusively for the subscription by those who fall into the category of professional clients as identified in article 26, paragraph 1, letter (d) of the Intermediaries Regulation (i.e. Consob Regulation 16190 of 29 October 2007).
at par, with a nominal value of Euro 100,000.00 each.

14 August 2014 (with entitlement from the same date)

5 years subject to early redemption in favour of the Issuer and early redemption in favour of the Bondholders.

6% gross per annum, from the Entitlement Date (included) until the Maturity Date (excluded) to be paid in arrears, on an half-yearly basis.

Except in the case of early redemption in favour of the Issuer and early redemption in favour of the Bondholders, it will be an amortising type Bond with a two-year pre-amortisation period and will be repaid at par in 6 instalments starting from the Payment Date, which falls on 14 February 2017, and subsequently at each Payment Date until the Maturity Date, in accordance with the repayment plan in the following table:
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