Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance structure identifies the system and rules for managing and controlling the company.

PSC's corporate governance is based on the pertinent general legislation, the Articles of Association and the Organization and Management Model (OMG) in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 (being adopted) and the Code of Ethics, in addition to internal regulations and best practices in the field.

The system of governance adopted by PSC is the traditional one, in which management of the company is entrusted to the Board of Directors and control functions are attributed to the Board of Statutory Auditors. The financial statements are audited by an independent firm of auditors.

The Shareholders' Meeting takes the most important decisions for the life of the company, including appointment of the corporate bodies, the approval of financial statements and changes to the Articles of Association, while the Board of Directors is responsible for running the company.

PSC's corporate governance system is focused on the creation of shareholder value over the medium to long term in a fair competitive environment and in the interests of all its stakeholders: shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, operational and financial partners and local communities in the countries where it operates.