Fire prevention systems

Photo above: fire prevention systems
The Fire Prevention B.U. is PSC's organizational in charge of the acquisition and management of contracts for the construction of fire prevention systems (detection and extinguishing) for civil works (hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, residential and office complexes, sports facilities), industrial works (manufacturing plants, power plants, turbines, server rooms), infrastructural works (tunnels and highway tunnels, subways and railways) and means of transport (ships and railway carriages).

The B.U. has an organizational structure capable of handling all stages of a contract: from planning and design all the way through to development and maintenance.
Water systems
• Sprinkler
• Deluge
• Pumping stations (UN112845, NFPA 20)
Foam systems
• Low, medium and high expansion
• Foam skid with proportioners
• Liquid displacement tanks
Hydrants and hoses
• Hydrants (wet and dry)
• Fire boxes with accessories
• Hose reels
Gas extinguishing systems
• Inert gas (IG-01, IG-55. IG-100, IG-541)
• Clean agent (HFC-227, NOVEC-1230)
• CO2
  – High pressure
  – Low pressure
Fire alarm, detection and F&G Systems
• Routed and conventional systems
• Gas, flame and smoke detectors
• Programming of electronic control units (ECU)
• ECU with SIL2 or SIL3 configuration
Fuksas' Cloud 05
Construction of technological systems for the New EUR Convention Centre.
• Air-conditioning systems
• Fire prevention systems
• Supervision and control systems

Project details
Italian Pavilion - Expo 2015 Milan

Project details
New Hospital in Felettino, La Spezia 05
• Mechanical systems: Heating and cooling stations and
  substations, ventilation, pumping systems, fire prevention
  networks and medical gas networks.
• Electrical and special systems: Main distribution, power and
  lighting systems, supervision systems, TVCC, access control,
  sound and video projection systems, data transmission network
  for telephone and TV systems, alarm and fire detection systems.

Project details
Variante di Valico (Tuscany) 05
Implementation of technological, lighting and ventilation systems for the basic tunnel.
• Lighting and ventilation systems
• Fire prevention systems

Project details
SA-RC Highway 05
Installation of technological systems (lighting, ventilation, video inspection, fire detection systems for tunnels).

• V macro lot
• VI macro lot

Project details