Electric traction renewal of the Pratola – Sulmona section

  • Contractor: GRUPPO PSC S.p.A. in a grouping
  • Works start date: October 2015 - in progress
  • A.C. Total value (266/2015): € 2,166,754.08

Renewal of electrical traction equipment and pipelines on the Pratola – Sulmona section of the Pescara – Rome line.

Objectives of the principal

  • Compliance with the Technical Specifications for the construction of overhead contact wire lines and 3kV DC power lines.
  • Increase in the section of the overhead contact line from 320 mm2 to 440 mm2
  • Adaptation of the construction standards to different local conditions.

The intervention on the single track line involved a section of about four km. The track was electrified with an overhead contact line consisting of two carrying cables and two regulated contact wires.

The nominal height of the contact wires was maintained on average at 5.20 m above the rails with the opening of the overhead contact line of 1.25 m (excluding the point where there is a railway overpass where the cable-wire distance is equal to 90 cm).

The overhead support poles are equipped with suspensions with “Omnia” type aluminum shelves.

In addition to building the foundation blocks, laying supports, tensioning the contact line and creating the new ground and return circuit, we moved the fiber optic cable from the old poles to the new ones, replacing the suspension clamps and the spiders for the spare line.