Green subway line in Doha

    Qatar Rail builds and services the railways, subways and tram lines of the Emirate of Qatar.

    To ensure the eco-sustainability of the new road system in Doha, Qatar Rail has requested the contribution of foreign companies, including the PSC Group. The challenge involves three major infrastructure projects:

    1. Doha Metro: largely underground, it connects the different areas of Doha. The metro – expected to be completed in 2020 – uses the world’s fastest driverless trains (100km per hour). The vehicle design for the Doha Metro project and the interiors are inspired by the architecture of the Doha skyline.
    2. Lusail Light Metro Transit (LLRT): a tram network for transporting passengers within the new Lusail City (speed of 60 km per hour).
    3. Long distance passenger and freight rail: a long-distance and high-speed rail for the transport of goods and passengers that will connect Doha with the other Gulf countries.