Water mist fire prevention system on ship

    Supply and installation of Water Mist fire prevention system on the 6281 Regent vessel.

    The purpose of the project is to provide complete protection of the ship according to the standards and technical specifications provided in the tender phase  by the owner  from the earliest ship construction phases (precisely in conjunction with the hot welding processes and straightening of the plates, when fires may occur).

    The PSC Group supplied the fire-fighting system consisting of skid pumps, skid back-up cylinders, Ultrafog command and production control panels,  pipes and fittings with related slotted profiles, and handled  their fixing to the ship’s structures.  The laying of pipes  in narrow areas involved  personnel highly specialized in the naval sector  in possession of welding and piping qualifications.

    Project phase

    Verification and management of the contract’s engineering from work commencement up to issuance of the “as-built” drawings

    Testing of materials with classification bodies such as RINA, LLOYD’S and similar.

    Construction site activities

    The laying of pipes  in narrow areas involved  personnel highly specialized in the naval sector   in possession of welding and piping qualifications.

    • Checking assembly plans with on-board inspection of the passageways of the lines
    • Forming of the pipes detected in the workshop area
    • Transport and on-board installation of the spools formed by assembling fittings, collars, pitches, distribution manifolds and nozzles;
    • Pressing of the lines at 210 Bar and testing in the presence of Fincantieri, of the classification body and of the owner
    • Assistance for sea trials
    • Final testing with as-built survey and delivery  of the plant.