PSC is awarded 3 contracts from the Enel group for 65 million euro

We will be carrying out works in Aragon and the Canary Islands for Endesa (an Enel group company) and in areas of eastern Lombardy.

We have been awarded  two contracts  in the Canary Islands for  Endesa  (an Enel group company) for a contractual value of approximately  25 million euro  and, in  Italy, a  40 million Enel contract  in the east of Lombardy.

The President of the PSC Group,  Umberto Pesce, has expressed great satisfaction:  “The business model we are implementing  is to be at the side of some national champions (in addition to Enel, also Openfiber, Telecom, Ferrovie dello Stato, RAI, Fincantieri, TIM) in their development strategy in Italy and abroad. These further acquisitions will employ  over 600 people between direct staff and related industries”.


In the next  three years  we will carry out  works on  the MV/LV overhead and underground power lines  in the lots of Aragon North,  Lanzarote and Fuerte Ventura.


In the areas of  Cremona and Mantua,  we will be engaged for  two years  (with an option for a further year) in the design and construction of the  MV/LV and fiber optic lines, in works for primary HV  and secondary MV/LV substations,  and in the installation and maintenance of electric recharging stations.

The PSC Group’s forecasts for 2019 – thanks also to the acquisitions of  Cargo  in the Potenza area and of  Alpitel  in Piedmont, are to reach a turnover of  400 million euro  with  over 3,000 employees  worldwide.