Quality and environment

Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement is one of the company hinges and has set as its main goal the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers and the adoption of strategies in order to provide high-level performance. The sum of Operating Instructions, procedures, recommendations and processes give rise to three Quality Systems, Environment and constantly updated security that provide continuous measurement of Key Parameters. These continuous measurements involve both corrective actions, both improvement actions underlying steady to rising business targets on defined parameters.

The Quality System
PSC adopts a continuous quality improvement process in which the end result is the sum of the processes and applications of procedures and their constant measurement in order to set new, more stringent targets. The quality of labor, product and processes is the goal it has set itself to achieve goals of excellence and provide more and better services to our customers. PSC has adopted a Quality Management System, certified according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental sustainability
Our goal is to design and develop solutions , processes and a business model which provides answers to the needs of our customers and is sustainable and at the same time minimize the impacts on the environment. The preservation and protection of water, air, soil, saving resources and the minimization of waste production are guaranteed by the adoption of an Environmental Management System, according to UNI EN ISO 14001.